The 21st Annual BC Custom Car show at the Tradex show centre at the Abbotsford Airport was blessed and cursed by the weather. The bad weather hampered the BCHRA's impromptu car show on the grass, but the bad weather got people into the show because the weather was too miserable to be outside!

Report by Cam Hutchins


The two big names, Dave Kindig, Host of Velocity TV's "Bitchin Rides" and Roger Goldhammer, 3 time world champ custom big builder, were both generous and gracious with their time. I spent at least 30 minutes with Goldhammer and he told me all about his amazing motorcycles....something he had probably done 100 times already on the weekend.


I had a booth at the show and it was my time to be in the corner and although not in my normal spot I got to see many of my friends and customers and got to meet many more. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many new cars were finished for the show and the custom and modified car hobby seems alive and well in BC!


I was a bit too busy to go outside for the "Cackle Fest and Burnouts" but go to see the Jet car on Sunday. Talk about your crowd pleasers! Some of the other cars that I loved to see was the "Sauer Kraut" a Hot rod in the vein of the Red Baron and a cool Auburn roadster built and once owned by Alice Cooper. Welcome to the nightmare had stellar airbrushing.


So many cool cars but as I was busy at my booth I did not get to walk around and talk to as many owners as I would of liked. I certainly liked the C-1 Vette built by Rags to Riches Top Shop and bright Yellow Green Cuda Cabriolet built by B&N Hot Rods.


A fellow BCHRA member for m the interior had his GTO on display and I think he won best display. The BCHRA, while not as busy parking cars because of the weather, certainly had a great club display. Ray Myles had his latest Mopar Pro Touring that was a new car wrapped in old Tin.


One of my buddies, Gary Grant brought his brothers along and one of them brought a wicked Ford Galaxy with the  monstrous 427 SOHC Single Overhead Cam engine somehow stuffed in the engine compartment. Lots of cool Pickups to please everyone there.

At the show I spoke with Shane Traquair and Gord Gray at last weekend's BC Custom Car Show. The show was great and so many of the cars I had never seen before and many were fresh builds. Shane and Gord had recently shown their cars at the Grand Nation Roadster show in Southern California. Both cars were trailered as it was January, but it was not the first time for Shane's car at the show...his Dad had built the "Mod Rod" 1915 T Roadster Pickup and had shown it at the "GNRS" back in the early 70's.


Shane recently found the car and restored it to its former glory with his Dad. The paint may be more modern materials but the car looks amazing. The roof is the original roof from back in the day and was made by Slim Easton. His Dad Bill finished the car in 1968 and it was shown extensively.

Gord's 32 Ford was just finished and was photographed for a New Zealand magazine by my friend Ken Sanders after being built and painted, also by friends, Bill and Neil Lemon of B&N Hot Rods and many others.


I spent quite a bit time talking with Roger Goldhammer, the photos on the website and poster show a rather sever looking dude in racing leathers and fact he is a super cool guyand very passionate gearhead who loves cars and builds custom  bikes because he can fit lots in his garage.

 I asked him if one of the V twin bikes had any rear suspension and he showed me where the front part of the frame on the rear half of the bikes goes into the tail edge of the front half of the frame and there was a  spring and shock hidden under the gas tank. The bike was built to mimic the board track racing bikes of yesteryear and had a large ring running around the inner edge of the tires rim. That is called a perimeter brake and in effect it is a 26" disc brake!!!


A few of the other bikes have Harley V-Twin engines with the rear cylinder missing and a supercharger mounted in it's place. The oil for the supercharger runs through the rear frame tubes and is cooled through the metal as it is flying down the roads.


Another bike dubbed "Notorious" is modeled after the Norton Manx. Also a V-Twin converted to his signature V-One with a supercharger only this one has a large air tank to compensate for the pulse created when the supercharger is screaming and the engines intake valve bangs the door shut! To replicate the look further most Manx's had number plates on the front but some road versions had head lights. Goldhammer sourced an early VW headlight and modified the chrome bezel to complete the "Notorious"  look.

The Bell of the Ball was a 1960 Cadillac customized by the feature Talent Dave Kindig of Velocity TV's "Bitchin Rides" A beautiful car and when Jerry Logan from Oregon took the feature award for the car he thanked everyone and said he loves Canada. He went on to say he loved how everyone at the show was full of smiles....something he does not see back much in his native homeland right now.


A big shout out to Ken Bayko's Blue 32 Ford Hot Rod Pick-up. I had heard Kenny talk about the car a while and I got to see it last year a few time. Now ready for prime time it was one of the feature cars at the Tradex show...and Kenny always has his grandson with him. So let's see you at the 2018 show..and bring a kid with you.



Pre Show information


Get ready for 'Cars, Stars & Guitars!' when the BC Classic & Custom Car Show rolls into the Abbotsford Tradex for three exciting days of motorsport action.

The 21st annual BC Classic & Custom Car Show, western Canada's biggest indoor / outdoor specialty vehicle event is gearing up for another record setting year in 2017. In addition to showcasing some of the finest Street Rods, Classics, Customs, Muscle Cars and Race Cars in the Pacific Northwest this year's event is loaded with special features.


Meet feature guest celebrities including Dave Kindig, host and star of Velocity TV's hit TV show 'Bi1chin Rides' and his wicked 1960 Coupe Deville, the Copper Caddy.


Roger Goldhammer, three time World Champion Custom Bike Builder and check out his award winning custom motorcycles!



For more information on our feature attractions and guest 'car stars· please visit our website and/or join the BC Classic Custom Car Show 'Fan Page' on Facebook.

Check out hundreds of radical rides from all over the Pacific Northwest Visit the Custom Motorcycle Showcase1", returning for 2017, this special feature is dedicated to enthusiasts of the two wheel variety. Treat yourself to live entertainment on the Jack FM stage at the beer gardens featuring several bands and special performances by CMT recording artist Karen lee Batten and ll Top tribute band LegZZ.

And of course, don't miss the opportunity to have your photo taken with our beautiful show hostesses, the Hot Rod Hotties!

But we're not done yet! Make sure to be there for Friday and Saturday night's 'Fuel & Fire' outdoor motorsport demos featuring the ever popular and outrageous Nitro Dragsters when they fire up their 3500+ horsepower machines in our 'Nitro Madness' cacklefest And witness an incredible display of raw power you just have to see to believe when Brad Lennea's 'Night Hawk' ignites the afterburner of their Jet Funny Car during our 'Jet Car Shootout'




We are very happy to report that our colleagues at TOP PERFORMANCE TV have announced that their new television show will debut this coming Fall on KVOS TV. If you're a regular attendee of the car show you probably have seen TV Producer Lorna O'Toole and her crew at our event over the last few years filming various features and interviewing celebrities and fans. There are a ton of TV shows about the car scene on American television but none that feature local and regional 'Made In Canada' motorsport / specialty vehicle events, cars and people... until now.



This production has been years in the making and I know I speak for a majority of enthusiasts when I say "It's about time that we had a show of our own!' In fact, over 2 decades have passed since BC car nuts had a dedicated TV production showcasing local talent (FYI - Larry Pfister's 'Motorsport People' was the last 'Car Show' which aired in the late 80's / early 90's) and we're excited to see the first episode of this highly anticipated production. Check out the promo video below, maybe you or someone you know will be included in an upcoming episode or go their website at and sign up on their Facebook page for more info.




On behalf of our entire staff, I would like to congratulate everyone at Top Performance TV for all their hard work. We look forward to seeing them once again at the 21st annual BC Classic & Custom Car Show in 2017.





Continuing for 2017 the special price for Seniors has been dropped to age 55 and the youth age has been set for 13 to 18 year olds. The new age for children to get in for free has been raised to 12 years old.


Adults (19 - 55 years old) $18

Seniors (55 and up) $15

Youth (13-18 years old) $10

Children 12 and under FREE when accompanied by an Adult

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